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About Alex

I have always loved drawing, but it was not until after my accident, did I begin to take my artwork more seriously.


I graduated from Nottingham Law School in the summer of 2017, and had hoped to pursue a career as a solicitor. Unfortunately, a few days after my graduation, I was hit at 60mph by a drug driver whilst walking along the pavement.


I was so lucky to even make it to the hospital, but unfortunately, as well as many broken bones and severed tendons in my drawing hand, the accident left me with a lifelong traumatic brain injury. 


It is a daily struggle, and it means I find it incredibly difficult to read, converse, and concentrate. With all the amazing professional help available to me, the greatest therapy for me is my art work.

I have since built up my portfolio, and have created portraits for many clients, including Olympic medalist, dressage rider Lottie Fry. 

I specialise in creating portraits that are respected for their ability to capture the essence of the subject's personality and character, whilst maintaining true anatomical structure;  through the medium of pastel and coloured pencils, on high quality pastelmat paper.

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