A4 Graphite Pencil


A fabulous way of capturing your pet, in a way that photos just dont do!

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If you are interested in a portrait of your pet, have a look at the different types of commission I offer!

The Commssion Process:

I use one main reference photo. The better quality the photo, the more detailed your drawing will be. If you are unsure, I can work from a selection of photos, to make sure I capture your animal's personality.

The time scale depends on each individual piece, but I would usually have completed it with in a couple of weeks, depending on what other commissions I have at the time.

I ask for a 50% deposit, and then will ask for the rest at the time of posting, once I have sent you a photo of it.

Pricing is subject to change, depending on number of subjects, complexity and quality of reference photo. The deposit is non-refundable once your commission has begun. 

30x40cm Pastel Pencil on Pastelmat Paper

Starting at £300.00

Great detail in colour

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70x50cm Pastel Pencil on Pastelmat Paper

     Starting at £500.00



A show-stopping piece! Perfect for horses, or dogs! 

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