my story;

I have always loved drawing, but it was not until I returned from 2 years in the Australian Outback, did I begin to take my artwork a little more seriously.


I graduated from Nottingham Law School in the summer of 2017, and had hoped to pursue a career as a solicitor. Unfortunately, a few days after my graduation, I was hit at 60mph by a drug driver whilst walking along the pavement.


I was so lucky to even make it to the hospital, but unfortunately, as well as many broken bones and severed tendons in my drawing hand, the accident left me with a lifelong traumatic brain injury.


It is a daily struggle, and it means I find it incredibly difficult to read, converse, and concentrate. With all the amazing professional help available to me, the greatest therapy for me is my art work.

“Art was made to overcome chaos.”

Don Jones



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